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Dear Friends and Colleagues:



The last Annual Brano Forum was held in Belgrade, Serbia in September of 2019. The Organizing Committee of the 12th Annual "Brano" Radovancevic Heart Failure Forum hosted over 350 international guests over four days of programming. Special thanks to all who attended, participated and sponsored the conference. We are pleased that our goal to distribute comprehensive updates in the treatment of advanced heart failure continues to grow globally.

The COVID-19 pandemic restricted our ability to gather in 2020, but we will be meeting in-person once again in 2021. Plans for the 13th Annual "Brano" Radovancevic Heart Failure Forumare underway. This year, we will be live-streaming the event. Registration details will be posted on this site in the coming weeks. Please stay safe, and we hope to see you soon.



Program Directors:


Igor D. Gregoric, M.D., FACC

Bojan Vrtovec, M.D., Ph.D.

Rajko Radovancevic, M.D.

Paul Mohasci, M.D.

Andreas Zirlik, M.D.